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Babysitters Club
Validation* (PG-13, Kristy/Stacey, CHAR DEATH)

Harry Potter
Land Where Our Fathers Died* (PG, H/Hr, H/D, WIP)
Raw* (PG-13, Fleur/Tonks)

The Lone Gunmen
The Enchanted Hunters (PG, gen)

Pirates of the Caribbean
Rumours (PG, gen)
Come (PG, Will/Elizabeth)
Jeux Sans Frontieres (R, Jack/Will/Elizabeth, AU)
Fever* (R, J/W/E, Will/Norrington)
A Woman of the College* series (J/W/E, AU)
Roaming Hands* (PG-13, J/W/E)

Star Trek: TOS
Smile at You* (PG, McCoy/Spock UST, Kirk/Spock UST)

Star Trek: TNG
Courtship* (PG, Picard/Q)

Star Wars
As Cool As I Am (PG-13, gen)

Cold (PG, gen)

X-Men Movieverse
Scars (PG, Logan/Rogue)
Corridors* (PG-13, Rogue/Bobby/Pyro)

‘Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid’ is the title of a Collective Soul album. I just thought that it seemed to fit my personal concept of fanfiction, which is to tell the stories that didn’t happen, or were in the subtext.

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