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and a second tiny apology

Hi friends–just a note that I’m planning to get back into the swing of blogging for 2015. Shortly after posting the previous tiny apology, I was absolutely decked by a viral respiratory infection for almost two solid weeks, leaving me effectively unable to do anything involving energy.

I don’t recommend it.

And recovery has landed me smack dab in winter holidays ((There’s a rant in ‘this country has no concept of anything besides Christmas and New Year’ but I don’t have it in me.)) and presents. ((There’s also a rant in ‘race and gender in Professor Layton OH GOD WHY’.))

It does mean I had time to read a bunch of the things I crowdfunded (Mothership, Long Hidden, and Uncanny Magazine issue 1), on my brand spanking new Kobo, as well as finish watching and raging at Dominic Sandbrook’s Tomorrow’s Worlds. ((A very odd mix of British SF 101, typical obliviousness to certain issues, and random deep dives into the more obscure.)) So stay tuned!

tiny apology

More posts are forthcoming, friends! I was super busy and then away on holiday for several days, and am just getting back into the daily grind while combating the sociopolitical nightmare that has been November 2014 for both US and UK folks.

Coming soon (as in, if I don’t post about it, harangue me):
– a Diamond Dust post on Ann Leckie’s Ancillary-verse story at Strange Horizons
– commentary on the new SF documentary season on BBC Two

Speaking of, off to go watch some of those docs now, provided iPlayer for XBox allows browsing the factual category, and provided I don’t fall asleep.

in the gyre (always coming home)

Hey, kids, I’m back, for my sins–a new theme, a tidy blogroll, and a different outlook on life.

Okay, maybe not that different. After all, I’m still generally grumpy and snarky and a bit of a cynic, but I’ll endeavour to be entertaining while I blether on.

Check out the about page for what passes for my mission statement, and I’ll get some content to you soon.  (e.g. when it’s not near to midnight on a Friday.)