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all painted blue, all painted white

If you’re viewing this in post form, the right sidebar may be seriously out of whack, what with the floating post info bit over the top (at least, that’s how it looks in Firefox for me). I think it’s a problem with the newest version of this theme, but at the moment I don’t have the energy to go hunt through CSS for a fix. Please bear with me.

In my defense regarding posting here more often, I’ve spent the last couple weeks negotiating the ins and outs of applying for indefinite leave to remain, which is currently occupying my mind. It’s complex (though one would expect that, for such a permanent statement), so my anxiety has gone up a little bit.

Anyway, in the interests of being entertaining instead, some other thoughts. Maybe not about the BBC Four Exquisite Cuisine season, which has also kept me entertained over the last couple of weeks. They’ve been the sort of thing that makes Matt wince and decamp to the other room but that I love–food/cookery programme and BBC Four history programme. My only complaint is that they disappeared way too fast off iPlayer. I’ll leave the amazing programmes I would totally pitch had I the invested ear of a Beeb commissioner to one side unless requested, and I’ll also only comment that I’ve also had shows playing on 4oD to the extent that ‘Buffalo Stance’ is stuck in my head permanently. (Thx Fresh One!)

We had our first snow overnight last night here in Glasgow. Not much, and sure as hell not enough to make for any pretty photographs. Instead, it was just enough to leave some slippery pavement (about which I’ve ranted at length previously, if you search my archives from winter 2009-10…I’m too lazy).

I feel more than a little nostalgic about the first snow of the year. One of the traditions at my Smith College house (TYLER: BEST OF GREEN) was to have a First Snow Party early in the morning after a snow…or in the afternoon, should it fall that way. There was hot chocolate and snacks and a wee fire in the fireplace going, and we all made paper snowflakes and had banter and it was amazing times.

To most readers this is going to sound like something out of, I don’t know, Chalet School or something. But it’s real, and it was lovely, and I don’t give a damn how twee it might sound, in a post looking back on it. (For those who might not be acquainted with me, I’m pretty anti-twee.) It was home, and I doubt any of my friends and housemates would disagree.

Sweet Sixteen’s Turned Thirty-One (but rock n’ roll never forgets)

I turned 29 a week ago Saturday. Admittedly, this is not so very old, in the great scheme of things (and it sure ain’t how old I feel), but at the same time, it looks daunting written out in black and white, feels daunting when I stand here and look back at what I wanted to do by 30. I’m pretty sure everyone does it, but god.

I haven’t written anything here for a year and a half, despite good intentions. In the meantime, I got a job, I settled into Glasgow, I went to…lessee…four weddings, no funerals, knock on wood.

So, for yet another time, I’m reinventing my blog to reflect my current take on life. I intend to post content at least once a week for my 29th year, though unlike Lis, I don’t have a twenties bucket list, and anything I put on there would probably cost too much or be too dependent on other people to be accomplished. Then I’d just be disappointed in myself, and that’s no good.

You will not find me writing:
– anything about my job or my coworkers in a professional sense, though I may refer to them in a non-work context.
– much about the UK government’s stance on immigration, though this is something I do care very much about.

Unlike in the past, I intend to do more:
– writing about fandom. There’s been an astronomical cultural shift over the last few years, and any shame I had about being exposed as a fangeek in an oblique sense is growing smaller by the day.
– writing about food, which is what I used to do, and I like it, and I don’t really care if it makes this blog oddly toned.
– writing about gender and queerness and the like, because if I’m on Twitter talking about it, it’s ridiculous not to here.

And now that we’ve set all that out, I’m going to go watch some more of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the series not the abysmal film that we are not going to talk about. I realize I’m about five years late to the party, fandom-wise, but seeing as Netflix UK has deigned to give us all of it (also S1 of White Collar yay, but where is more Mythbusters boo), it’s high time I watched it. I’m about eight episodes in, and I’m enjoying it even on the world-building alone, much less the characters.

As an aside, I’m grateful that A:TLA set the stage for some seriously clever and nuanced ‘kids’ cartoons to come out of the US lately. Off the top of my head, this household heartily recommends Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, which must be made by a bunch of fangeeks due to all the amazing references, and the reboot of Thundercats, which takes what was basically 80s era product placement and makes it compelling SF.

…and if you’re new here, the tone of this blog is pretty well set. I need to not be tempted to go into Other Things I’ve Been Into Lately, namely the more esoteric parts of DC Comics and Ariana Franklin’s Adelia Aguilar mysteries–let’s save that for a rainy day.

(There are lots of rainy days in Glasgow.)

Will you ever win?

So Lis posted starting a thirty days meme, the other day, and I can’t help but find myself chewing on what she had to say.

There’s a reason I’ve avoided this particular meme in both public and private blog spaces–partially because thirty posts about songs is a bit of a muchness for someone like me who doesn’t have a musical theme to their blogging–but also because I get hung up on the very first question. I have about ten favourite songs and even more favourite books. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to answer, if I should pick one depending on the day and my mood, or what. What if I look at it the next day and think it’s rubbish?

Which is a bit ridiculous, thinking I’d regret my choice later on; it’s merely a blog post, after all. But I do tend to overanalyse this sort of thing.

So that’s why I was glad to see Lis saying she’d seen lots of people hemming and hawing, as most people I’ve seen doing it have been quite definitive. Like her, I do think it’s possible for people to have a be-all-end-all favourite. And if you had to hold me down to it, I guess I could pick a song.

Just don’t make me pick a book.

cmd, option, esc.

In case you were wondering where I’d got myself off to after my post-WisCon comments, I sort of fell headlong into wedding planning and a bit of MA degree work. Then there was a honeymoon. Then there was transatlantic relocation (if I was in Birmingham, is this then re-relocation?).

Suffice it to say, I’m back, and now a bit more firmly expatriated in Glasgow as I hunker down to finish my dissertation. Then I’m looking for work. Not a hint, just saying that we do like to keep ourselves in biscuits around here and that I must contribute.

But at the moment, it’s all Paige vs. the jetlag here. So do stay tuned, I’ll be back with you shortly…after I go change all my account timezones back to BDT/BST, for that matter.

Very much a post of bits and pieces.

Much as it pains me, Mom was right.

That is, I should really have got a haircut before I left Tosa for the spring, because getting one here in Selly Oak is proving to be a massive undertaking. Namely, there are no bleeding walk-in places that’ll take a woman anywhere nearby. Putting out a call on Twitter, I heard from editorialgirl that she didn’t think there were really any besides the city centre Supercuts in the whole of Birmingham. She signal-boosted, but an hour later, still nothing.

So unless there’s somewhere local who can get me an appointment later today or tomorrow, I’m SOL and using even more hair product until next week, when I will spend my lunchtime frantically ringing round to try and get a Friday or Saturday appointment (unless I don’t have Friday off, it’s not set in stone).

I’m not sure if this is a UK thing or a Brum thing, but it is frustrating. I mean, seriously, what happens to people who have fluctuating work schedules? It’s not like you see part of the city looking like they’re gonna open for Twisted Sister.

Anyway. Besides whinging, things are actually going all right. I think I may make some cookies today or tomorrow, and I’m out tonight to meet up with the HFTV course people, so that’s good as well. Now if the weather would only make up its mind about what it’s doing, we’d be in business.

At least the snow and slush and crap got off the streets, cutting a good five minutes off my commute and meaning I’m not scared to go down the hill on the Selfridges side of the Bullring. Well, that is, if it’s not raining.