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ISO Representation. Must Love SF.

In meeting and greeting at WisCon this past weekend, I was asked if I would participate in Hack Gender, perhaps regarding my dissertation…which, if for some reason you didn’t know, is a self-reflexive documentary exploring women and the identity of being a science fiction fan. Fortunately, in a preliminary review of the eleven (!) interviews I managed to get, I found a common thread or two, which I think will form my argument later on in the documentary. Therefore, if you don’t want to be spoiled for the doc itself, or you don’t want to have my initial mindset influence your later interview, stop reading now.

Also, a disclaimer: these thoughts are not fully fleshed out, and I haven’t had a load of time to chase them round to conclusions yet. I may overgeneralize, I may run into problematic areas, and I may mess up, but I hope to have at least uncovered a little theory by the end of it. Comments and thought and calling me out, all welcome.

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‘Feel a fool/Running your stateside games…’

Well, I’m back in the UK, having started at least one post for this blog while on holiday at home in Wisconsin. However, I ended up tweeting random things and failing miserably at finishing it as it is a far, far bigger project than I anticipated. In looking for the best movies of the decade…that I’ve seen…I’ve found that I can’t just cut myself down to a Top Ten, because that’d be too simple. And I might have seen less than half of the Best Picture Oscar noms between 2000 and 2009, losing my street cred. Oops.

If you want some film reviews in the meantime, my friend Anita is trying to watch a film a day in 2010. You can find her effort here–she’s not afraid to tell it how it is, which gets major props from me, even when I may or may not agree.

Meanwhile, instead of blogging, I’ll be over here braving the British weather, wherein no one knows what to do with a shovel and a snowy sidewalk. Translation: much slipperiness.

h/t to James Taylor for the subject line, by the way.