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All of the writing on this blog is my own: my opinion, not that of any employer or organisation I am now or have ever been a part of. It’s also therefore my intellectual property; please only quote or link me with appropriate citation. I strongly appreciate being notified if quoted where I won’t receive a trackback. If linking on Twitter, please note that the post is by @rhiannonrevolts.

Commenting Policy

Commenters are expected to be relatively civil and not abusive to each other or me. My space, my rules, and I probably know more about the First Amendment to the US Constitution than you do, so don’t even try  to claim ‘free speech’.

Basically, I’m one of Those People so delightfully known as SJWs (as if that’s a slur?), so you can probably guess what will get your comment deleted.

In that vein, if I end up in a privilege fail pratfall towards you, and you are able to let me know, I appreciate it, so I can make appropriate apology. Also, I’ve attempted to make this blog as accessible as possible from a WordPress perspective, but if there are any problems, please holler.

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