Will you ever win?

So Lis posted starting a thirty days meme, the other day, and I can’t help but find myself chewing on what she had to say.

There’s a reason I’ve avoided this particular meme in both public and private blog spaces–partially because thirty posts about songs is a bit of a muchness for someone like me who doesn’t have a musical theme to their blogging–but also because I get hung up on the very first question. I have about ten favourite songs and even more favourite books. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to answer, if I should pick one depending on the day and my mood, or what. What if I look at it the next day and think it’s rubbish?

Which is a bit ridiculous, thinking I’d regret my choice later on; it’s merely a blog post, after all. But I do tend to overanalyse this sort of thing.

So that’s why I was glad to see Lis saying she’d seen lots of people hemming and hawing, as most people I’ve seen doing it have been quite definitive. Like her, I do think it’s possible for people to have a be-all-end-all favourite. And if you had to hold me down to it, I guess I could pick a song.

Just don’t make me pick a book.